Half Rupee, George VI, 1940-45, High Grade – tezbid

Half Rupee, George VI, 1940-45, High Grade

  • Rs. 430.00

High grade silver (50%) half-rupees of George VI, minted from 1940-45 during the British period. The first coins of George VI were minted in 1939, and were 0,917 silver like the preceding British era coins - but the pressure of World War II forced a devaluation - and silver content of coins was cut to 50% from 1940 onward. These half silver coins were minted up to 1945 - after which silver was entirely replaced by nickel in Indian coinage. 

These coins were initially minted in Bombay and Calcutta mints, and from 1943 onward, in Bombay and Lahore mints. Small changes to design were introduced over the years as a part of security features. 

Weight: 5.83 grams (approx)

Diameter: 24-24.1 mm (approx)

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These are high grade coins, uncommon in this grade. Except for 1941, all the other years are available (1940, 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1945). If you want a specific year, check with the seller in advance. Coins are part of a lot and there may be minor variations from one coin to another.