Jai Hind Dhabu, Kutch, VS 2004/1947 AD – tezbid

Jai Hind Dhabu, Kutch, VS 2004/1947 AD

  • Rs. 1,500.00

Jai Hind Dhabu, the copper 1 Dhabu (1/8 of a Kori, equal to 3 Dokdo) coin minted in Vikram Samvat 2004 (1947 AD) in the name of Madansinhji, then ruler of Kutch. Prior to 1947, Kutch coins carried the name of the local ruler and the British emperor (from 1858-1946), while the words Jai-Hind were prohibited by the British Government.

This is a VERY RARE coin, with a numista rarity score of 80. Read more about it here

Weight: 6.6 grams (approx)

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