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Maria Theresa Thaler, 1780 (Frozen Date)

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Silver 1 thaler coin in the name of Maria Theresa, Holy Roman Empress and the ruler of Austria, Hungary and other Habsburg domains. The obverse has a portrait of Maria Theresa wearing a Tiara, the reverse has the coat of arms of the empress - a double crowned shield (the two crowns represent the crowns of Austria and Hungary) and the shield is divided into four segments representing different parts of her empire. The double headed eagle is a common motif in many European coat of arms, including Byzantine Empire and Russia (present day). 

Maria Theresa remains the only woman to hold the title of the Holy Roman Empress. Maria Theresa thalers were first minted in 1740, when she ascended the throne and after 1780, these coins were minted with a frozen date of 1780. Maria Theresa thalers have been used as currency outside Europe in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, horn of Africa and India. During a British expedition to Ethiopia, the British army carried specially minted Maria Theresa thalers to pay local expenses. These coins have been minted outside of Austria including in the UK, Bombay, Paris and Rome. 

This coin also formed the basis for the US Dollar (dollar is derived from thaler). All of these makes this one of the most important coins in the world. Read more about this coin here

Weight: 28 grams

Diameter: 42 mm 

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