Silver Rupia (1935), Half Rupia (1936), Portuguese India – tezbid

Silver Rupia (1935), Half Rupia (1936), Portuguese India

  • Rs. 6,400.00

Set of 2 silver coins - Rupia and Half Rupia, minted in 1935 and 1936 respectively. These coins were minted after Portugal became and republic - hence don't carry the portrait of the king. The obverse of both the coins carries a picture of a shield with 'Estado da India' written in Latin. 

The reverse carries a shield - the coat of arms of Portugal, inside a lined circle, within a Maltese cross. This is a common feature for Portuguese coins. The reverse has a divided shield, the provisional coat of arms of Portuguese India - with a figure of Vasco da Gama holding a shield. The five escutcheons (shield shaped emblems) forming a cross are a common feature of both the shields. 

The two coins are rare as a set. Read more about them here and here


1 Rupia: 11.66 grams (approx)

1/2 Rupia: 6 grams (approx)


1 Rupia: 30.7 mm (approx)

1/2 Rupia: 25.5 mm (approx)

These are high grade coins with all their features visible. Coins are part of a set. The coins you get may not be the coins in the picture but will be coins in similar condition. Price is for 1 set of 2 coins.