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Kutch Coins

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The Kingdom of Kutch was founded in the 12th century, and was ruled by the Jadeja clan of Rajputs from 1147 AD to 1947 AD - when the state was absorbed into the Republic of India. 

Kutch was one of the first Indian states to start issuing milled or machined coins, in the second half of the nineteenth century. Kutch was one of the few Indian princely states with a coastline - and was a hub for trade with multiple ports. During the British era, the rulers of Kutch were entitled to a 17-gun salute. 

Kutch, Princely State, Map

The primary unit of currency for Kutch was the Kori, a silver coin 4.7 grams in weight and 61% silver. The key units were as follows:

1 Kori = 2 Adhio = 4 Payalo = 8 Dhabu = 16 Dhinglo = 24 Dokdo = 48 Trambiyo

1 British Indian rupee was equal to 4 Kori

Gold coins were used for higher denominatins - 26.5 kori, 50 kori and 100 kori - these three were similar in size to the 1, 2.5 & 5 kori silver coins. 

Coins of Kutch are popular with collectors because of their finely milled designs. These coins are rare - an important consideration for any collector, but they are not very pricey - also important for collectors.

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