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1862 Dot Coins

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From 1862 to 1874, the year on silver rupees was frozen to 1862. These coins were minted at Calcutta, Bombay and Madras mints. Of these three, the Bombay Mint adopted a system of dots – dies were specially marked with tiny dots to mark the year of manufacture. Thus, one dot meant the coin was minted in 1863 (1862 + 1) while 11 dots meant the coin was minted in 1873.

Dots in these coins are placed on two locations on the reverse of the coin – just above the flower underneath the date and just above the ‘N’ of the ONE on the top (see figure). There is a difference of opinion regarding the dots at the top – one view is that each dot in this location represents 10-years. However, as some coins have 2 dots on the top, this would imply a date of 1882 – whereas mints had adopted a system of changing years in 1874.

Whatever the true meaning of the dots, fact remains that 1862 offers a very wide range of coins to a collector, some rare and some less so.

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