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Know your India: Coins of Sailana

Posted by Amit Bhandari on

Know your India: Coins of Sailana

Sailana was a princely state in the Malwa region of Central India, and was originally a part of Ratlam (up to 1730). The name of the state derives from the capital town, which was named after ‘shail’ (mountain) and ‘anana’ (at the mouth of). Sailana’s territories were scattered and the state had borders with walior, Indore, Dhar, Jhabua, Jaora, Banswara, and Kushalgarh States. Sailana’s rulers were Rathore rajputs and an offshoot of the ruling house of Ratlam. The ruler of Sailana was entitled to an 11-gun salute. Sailana was a relatively small state, with an area of 450 square miles,...

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