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Know your India: Coins of Sailana


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Sailana was a princely state in the Malwa region of Central India, and was originally a part of Ratlam. Sailana was under British protection – evident from the coins issued by the state. In 1908 and 1912, one-quarter anna coins of Sailana state were minted in small numbers, at the Calcutta mint. These were identical to the British India one-quarter anna in size and weight – with a portrait of Edward VII/George V on one side. On the reverse, these coins had the words ‘Sailana State’ in English and Hindi, on the edge of the coin (see picture).

Copper coins of Sailana are popular with collectors of British India coins because

  1. Rarity: The 1908 and 1912 coins were minted in small numbers – just 224,000 each, because Sailana was a small state. Compared to these, British India coins were minted in hundreds of millions. This makes Sailana coins rare – these copper coins fetch prices higher than many British India silver coins. Between the two variants, the 1908 coins are comparatively rarer.
  2. Design: Coins of Sailana have the same weight and design as British India coins, and can be considered a sub-set of British India coins. It is easy for a collector of British India coins to also move into this related category. While these coins are rare, they are not priced exorbitantly (not yet at least).

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