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Silver Coins of Kutch – 1928-1947

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Silver coins of Kutch are popular with numismatists for their beautiful design. These coins are commonly available in 4 denominations – ½ kori, 1 kori, 2.5 kori & 5 kori. From 1928, all silver coins of Kutch follow a similar design. These coins carry the name of Khengarji III – the ruler of Kutch, on the obverse, together with the year in Vikram Samvat and the three emblems of Kutch state – trishul (trident), crescent and katar (dagger). The reverse of the coin carries the name of the British ruler – George V, and the year according to the Christian calendar.

The value of the coin is on the obverse in 2.5 kori and 5 kori coins – the same side as the name of Khengarji. On 1 kori and 0.5 kori coins, the value is on the side with the name of George V.

There is one other different between the coins – in their silver content. The 0.5 kori coin is not half the weight of the 1 kori coin because their silver content is different. The 5 kori coin is 13.87 grams while the 1 kori coin is a relatively heavier 4.7 grams – this difference is also because of variation in silver content – 0.937 (93.7%) for 5 kori while 0.61 (61%) for the 1 kori coin.

Coins of Kutch are meant for serious collectors - they are rare with multiple varieties/variations, but with some exceptions, are not exorbitantly priced. 

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