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2.5 Koris of Kutch

The 2.5 kori was a machine struck coin of the princely state of Kutch, first minted in 1875 AD, in the name of Pragmalji, the ruler of Kutch, and Empress Victoria. This coin followed the same design pattern as the larger 5 kori coin - with Devnagari inscription in the front and the reverse in Urdu. The obverse also carried the three symbols of Kutch - the trishul (trident), crescent and katar (dagger), and the date as per Vikram Samvat. This basic pattern, as well as the weight of the coin remained unchanged for the next 75 years.

While these 2.5 kori coins are rarer compared to British Indian coins, they are still quite affordable to a keen collector. Tezbid.com has collected a wide range of these 2.5 koris, from different rulers and designs, each with something unique about them. Enjoy!

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