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Coins of the Princely State of Kutch

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The Princely State of Kutch occupied the Kutch region of the modern-day state of Gujarat. It was one of the few princely states with its own coastline. Among numismatists, Kutch is known for its finely milled coins – copper as well as silver.

The silver coins of Kutch are larger (13.90 grams) compared to the silver rupees minted by the British (11.67 grams). The silver content of these coins was also higher (0.937) compared to the British Indian Rupees (0.917).

The most common coins of Kutch have been minted in the name of Khengarji – who was the ruler from 1875 to 1942. Like many other princely states, Kutch minted coins with the name of the local ruler on one side in Devnagri and the British monarch on the other, in Urdu. During Khengarji’s reign, coins were minted in his name jointly with Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII and George VI. Edward VIII’s reign was extremely short – he abdicated after less than a year on the throne. In fact, his reign was so short that no coins in his name were minted by British India. However, the Princely state of Kutch was one of the few to carry his name on coins minted in that period (1936).

The other interesting feature of the Kutch coins is that they carry two dates. On the front, along with the name of Khengarji, is the year in devnagri scrip, in Vikram Samvat. In the rear, along with the name of the British monarch, is the year according to the Christian calendar, in Urdu.

Kutch was the first princely state to merge into the union of India in 1947.

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